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Established 1986

Manning Valley-Great Lakes 4x4 Club Incorporated


PO Box 272

Taree NSW 2430

To contact us:

Phone: 0437938042 




Why Join?


You own a 4wd and you have been driving it around town and back and forth to work. The weekend comes and you want to go for a drive off the beaten track to explore the great outdoors……..but…..you are not sure how to do it or have enough confidence to try it yourself.


The solution, join the Manning Valley–Great Lakes 4x4 Club, we accept all makes and all ages of 4wd vehicles and you will be made very welcome.


Our members have a wealth of knowledge and are eager to share their experiences. Do you know how to drive on all terrains (dirt, mud, sand), how to use different driving techniques or how to use different recovery methods to get yourself out of stranded situations……..We do!…….come join and let us show you.


Are you looking for specialized accessories for your vehicle, are you thinking about modifications, do you know which bits fit which vehicle the best and why, do you know the responsibilities that come with owning a 4wd and how to respect the environment while using it………..We do!……..come join and let us help you.


Benefits of Club Membership


¨ Family Oriented

¨ Fully surveyed 4WD trips of varying difficulties

¨ Overnight Camping trips of different duration

¨ Friendship of people with similar interests

¨ Social Outings

¨ Travel to many interesting places, normally inaccessible

¨ Gain experience the easy way with onsite help

¨ Access to discount insurance

¨ Covered by a Public Liability Insurance on trips

20th Anniversary Trip to the Cells